Training update 21st Feb

Well been a few weeks now and only two weeks to go for the first Para’10 challenge in Aldershot. Have completed nmy first 10 miles last week and regreted it for the next 4 days. Toes covered in blisters, thighs aching every time I walked up stairs and a few blisters over by shoulders from the back pack rubbing.

After talking to a few freinds who are ex Para’s they all told be to adjust the filling in my pack. Rather than carrying 10 kg of concrete and so clothing for padding I now carry 10kg of cloths and 7kg of bricks. What a difference, the pack is more stable when running, the load inside doesnt move down on the back as much reducing the stress on the upper shoulders.

As for the blisters, well thats just a case of draining the fluid and letting them dry out. So for the last week i’ve been running un-laden to build up the mileage ready for this weekends 10 miles boot and pack run leaving just one to go before the starting event.

Fingers crossed I’ll get it finished in the 2h15-2h30 target time for the first of the three Para’10 challenges.


Training Update – 2nd February

Well training during the winter months has been a real challenge and certainly not helped by the snow over the last few weeks.

My family brought me some great Christmas presents all aimed at the challenges this year namely a military back pack and a pair of tactical boots. So over the last three weeks I’ve been getting accustomed to the new pack with the additional training weight (17kg) and breaking in the boots. Apart from a few blisters all has been going well until Monday when, can you believe it, I pulled my groin muscles ( both sides). A little Ice, gentle stretching and Ibuprofen has been the order of the day. I’m eager to get out there and crack on, especially with only 4 weekends before the first PCoy 10 challenge in Aldershot, but I must have a little patience (not my strong point) and ride this one out to ensure the muscles are ready for training again otherwise I’ll blow the whole challenge.

Hopefully I’ll be back into it during the next week and I can get back on track for the first big day…