Injured Grrrr

OK! Not a happy bunny.

After being in pain for the last 6 weeks and ignoring it so I could complete the Catterick Para’s 10, I have finally seeked medical advice. They have confirmed that I have tendonitis in the foot and ankle causing pressure on the shin and Achilles tendon.

Treatment….lay off the running for 6-8 weeks and physio. What the hell, I have the SAS Fan dance challenge coming in January 2014, so…

Just been the the Gym for the first time in 10 years to look for a 3 month membership. I can see burn out sessions on the elliptical cross trainers, stair climbers, single leg squats, double leg squats, calf raises and upper body training to burn out, then repeat. Do this at least 3 times a week when I’m at home, hopefully then I can keep the cardio and leg fitness I need Arggggg

Catterick Para’s 10 2013


Finally, the last Para’10 of the year up in Catterick. Completing the official Treble of Pain, all three Para’10 in one year.

Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire is the Army’s largest training establishment covering 2,400 acres and 20,000 acres of training land. Much of this is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSI) status.

The Garrison is situated just a few miles from the A1 and includes Marne Barracks near Catterick Village and the outstations of Ripon, Dishforth and Topcliffe and houses some 13,000 troops including those of the Parachute regiment.

Weather is a nice 22’C sun is out with very little wind, still a little warm for this but a hell of a lot better than Colchester.

Check in was at the base gymnasium, very orderly and very quick, exactly what you want. This was by far the biggest turn out of people running this event I have seen all year.

Bergen weight in, thank fully the water proof cross was placed on the bergen by the instructor which indicated I had at least 35lb in the pack without water. now time to have a little look around.

The event was started by the red devils jumping in to kick of the run. I hadn’t appreciated how fast they approach until the flew in right over my head then flared the canopy to an almost dead stop, impressive.



Feeling good at the start

IMG_0376-1 IMG_0994

By now, you’ve read a few of these blogs and can see they are tough. This was by far the hilliest Para’10 course we had run this year. The first five miles was, whilst undulating all uphill, very tough on the legs, lungs and heart rate. After getting to the top youve got to come down, right ? Well, yes we did but then back up again. In true sadistic fashion the course was selected to be an undulating decent but the uphill sections, named fondly with names like misery hill.

It was tough going but everyone was pushing themselves. probably the hardest part of the course was after the fishponds, up the rise to see a see a steep run downhill only to see the bloody same to get back up on level ground, half a mile on then through the water. That took more out of me than anything else. Legs were dead before but buried after. Thank god it was only a mile left to the finish line to finish with the second fastest time for me this year. All in all, a very good day. Now time to crack on and start the tougher training for my final charity push, The Winter SAS Fan Dance Challenge on Jan 18th 2014.

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The place was full with helpful messages


what goes up


Must come down, oh and then up again …

uphill colchester

Feeling OK

in water colchester

I will not fall over…


Finally over 🙂