Back up Pen Y Fan Training – Sunday 17th November

Finally after 8 weeks off without any form of training due to an ankle injury, it was good to start training and where better than on Pen Y Fan to test the old foot out.

Weather was 6’C at the bottom near Storey arms, misty but otherwise dry. Clearly a good day on the mountain because we saw to separate groups of soldiers on exercise.

I have to say I can’t believe how much fitness I have lost in the 8 weeks. It took me an hour to get to the top of Pen Y Fan compared to 50 minutes 8 weeks ago. The rowing and squats helped maintain some of the leg strength that I needed but the cardio was shocking. Very little time to get the fitness back before the 18th January when I have the last of my charity fund raising runs by taking part in the Fan Dance endurance event hosted by Avalanche Endurance.

The ground as expected was wet and the rocks slippery making the decent harder than it is usually but all in all a good 5 miles in 1h 46m. I’ll be back up there every weekend from the 8th December onwards to get the fitness levels up to do the fan dance justice.

One final area needing improvement… Hard skin on ankles. The skin has softened without use and I have the first blisters on both ankles in over twelve months of load bearing events and training, clearly need to get some training in to avoid these on the day. Blisters after 5 miles is one thing, but continuing on over another 10 miles would be just bloody painfull.

Don’t forget there is still time to sponsor me for the RMHB house based in Bristol, who provide free home from home accommodation for families of seriously ill children for the South West. I’m not greedy anything from £1 upwards would be great.