Pen Y Fan Training October 31st 2014

A blustery day up on Pen Y Fan training, Joint by the troops clearly up for some pain themselves.

Short 6-7 miles today ready for a weekly Tab up there until the Winter Fan Dance. Started at the Storey arms, up Corn Du, Down to the Brecon Way for some photo’s. Then back on to Pen Y Fan, Down Jacobs, left onto Crybin with a short pause at the top. Nothing to see as can be typical for the Brecons, high winds and mist making visibility very short. Back down the Crybin, up Jacobs and down via the Brecon Way. Next week adding Fan Y Big to the list . Gave up on the photo’s after the mist came down…

IMG_2546BW IMG_2547v2IMG_2574v20 IMG_2548v2-2IMG_2606v2BW IMG_2600v2BW