Pen Y Fan Training October 31st 2014

A blustery day up on Pen Y Fan training, Joint by the troops clearly up for some pain themselves.

Short 6-7 miles today ready for a weekly Tab up there until the Winter Fan Dance. Started at the Storey arms, up Corn Du, Down to the Brecon Way for some photo’s. Then back on to Pen Y Fan, Down Jacobs, left onto Crybin with a short pause at the top. Nothing to see as can be typical for the Brecons, high winds and mist making visibility very short. Back down the Crybin, up Jacobs and down via the Brecon Way. Next week adding Fan Y Big to the list . Gave up on the photo’s after the mist came down…

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Paras10 2014 Catterick Result

Ok it’s official, just missed my 2h15 target by seconds at the Paras 10 in Catterick today. Back held up ok, need to work on the legs for the additional hills, despite hill running, tabbing with a full pack and boots showed up the cracks. First time running with full pack and boots in 8 months, so still pleased with progress. Feet are blistered, collar bones too. Bit of work to do before the Winter Fan Dance.

Sunday Load Bearing Run

Today was a good test for my back ready for the Para’10 at Catterick garrison next Sunday. I ran with 25 lb. (2/3 of desired weight) over a hilly 9.5 miles. Pleased to say it was completed with an average time per mile of 12m30s so my fitness is certainly starting to return. The back muscles are a little tight and the piriformis muscle in my gluteus is certainly twinging. That said, very pleased that the back held, all looking well the the full load bearing exercise next weekend.


Update on running. Back slowly improving with Osteopath. Running now up to 10 mile hill runs at the weekends. two 6 milers in the week and three 3 milers all taking on between 600 and 1000m of elevation in total.

First run with bergen last night. 18lb half weight tested and ran unbroken 3 miles at 11:20 per mile pace. Back has not suffered too much today. Felt strange not having the cooling capability from my back and restricted breathing due to weight. Will have to get used to that again. Para’10 next weekend, so I plan to run 6 miles on Friday with the pack at around 25lb followed by clean 10 miler on Sunday. Hopefully it will all go well then a full 35lb on Para’10 with a review with the Osteopath after to ensure i’m not damaging my back. 

All being well this will be the start of the Fan Dance Winter build up. Its been a while and looking forward to challenging my mind and body again.

Fitness Returning

Thankfully my fitness is now returning. Still being very careful with the back and continuing with Physio. Now running alternate weekend distances of 6 and 10 mile hill runs to build back up to load bearing 10miles by end August for the Para’10 in Catterick.

Ran two miles on Thursday with a half weight bergen  (15lb) and back isn’t too bad today. I had forgotten how much heat remains in the body with when carrying the weight and felt very hot on a relatively cool night, I had also forgot how it restricts your breathing.

So plenty to work on over the next few months but looking good so far.

Partial hairline fracture of the right first metatarsal

Well its official…partial hairline fracture of the metatarsal in the right foot. I thought that last few miles on the fan dance hurst a little 🙂

So I need a period of relative rest for the next 4-12 weeks. During this I can continue with muscle strengthening and generalised conditioning to include cross-training but avoiding any excessive loading of the affected bone. At least I can get to the gym, do some rowing or elyptical running machine and some weights to keep fit but no running.

I’ll need to watch carefully for any increase in pain or restriction in movement. If this is noted then I need to go back to the doctor and have it assessed.

So gently does it for a couple of weeks…